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For Rent (2005) Full Movie

For Rent
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Gastón Fernández has arrived at 34 without too much to show or brag about. He has no money, job, girlfriend, friends or life plan. He's a composer that doesn't compose. The one-time "most likely to succeed" at Santiago's Musical Conservatory has passed from promise to failure. He feels he is beginning to wander alone. Isolated and detached. Gastón feels that everyone judges him and see the word loser tattooed on his forehead. At the same time, an alter-ego, a sort of doppelgänger, haunts him.

TitleFor Rent
Duration109 minutes
Release DateOct 13, 2005
Production Company
Production CountriesChile
Plot Keywords
Luciano Cruz-Coke
Gastón Fernández
Felipe Braun
Julián Balbo
Benjamín Vicuña
Paul Kazán
Ignacia Allamand
Diego Casanueva
Pancho Santander
Jaime Vadell
Gaston's Father
Ariel Levy
Nicolás Saavedra
Luc Fernández
Nayra Illic
Ignacia Baeza
Argentine Waitress
Christian Heyne
Original Music Composer
Alberto Fuguet
Alberto Fuguet
Alberto Fuguet
Francisco Ortega
Diego Valenzuela
Executive Producer
Andrés Valdivia
Original Music Composer
Daniela Jordán
Art Direction
Jorge González Vasquez
Director of Photography
Luigi Araneda
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